About UW
Conferences & Events

Event planning in the heart of Madison.

Our services include all aspects of planning support. UWC&E’s professional staff will assist you in making your event a success.


Our experts are at the ready

A team of full-time event management professionals will help bring your vision to life. From designing the perfect setting for productive meetings to creating your dream wedding, you bring your ideas, and we’ll help make them happen.

Our events team manages about 27,000 event reservations a year. We have done it all and can do it all for you. Go ahead, dream your big event dream, and connect with us about bringing it to life. We will make the event management process so easy, you’ll wonder what you’re forgetting to do. Don’t worry, you aren’t forgetting anything. It’s just that easy when you’re working with UW Conferences & Events.

Your one-stop shop for extraordinary events

We have event experts, multiple hotels, in-house catering, tech staff and spaces for events of many, many sizes. It’s all here for you. So the only question is what will you do with all the time you save by choosing UW Conferences & Events?